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About Us

Change of Color designs clothing for children in an effort to increase representation of kids of color and so that any child wanting to make a statement about embracing diversity and inclusion can do so through fashion by wearing clothes depicting kids of color. Simply put-- it's another step forward in continuing to increase self-worth in and harmony among the next generation of leaders.
Change of Color is not just another clothing line. Those who buy or wear our clothes make up a diverse community of the same interests--we believe representation is critical to building high self-esteem and that children should be taught to accept and embrace each other's differences.  When you buy a Change of Color shirt, you are supporting a movement toward more representation inside the doors of your favorite retail store.
Because we are about creating a positive impact for children, ten percent of your purchase price will be donated by Change of Color to a different non-profit each quarter whose mission encompasses the betterment of all children’s lives.  
Have a non-profit in your local area doing amazing things for kids that you would like for us to consider supporting? Email us and let us know at  We will highlight the non-profit through our social media channels and consider financially supporting it in an upcoming quarter!